Agape Center access improved, ED says

(Newswatch Group, File)

CORNWALL – The executive director of the Agape Center food bank claims access to its services have improved over the last year, making it easier for the hungry to access what the organization considers a “human right.”

“The process has been streamlined, easing access to those in need of food bank services,” Johanne Couture said in a news release, recognizing the Ontario Association of Food Banks name change to Feed Ontario.

The OAFB’s change was done to reflect that food banks are much more than shelves of dry goods, just like the Agape Center, which has grown to include a soup kitchen and thrift shop in its 48 year history.

“What was once a lengthy intake has now been simplified to assure greater privacy, dignity and efficiency. We are pleased with how this will positively impact individuals seeking Agape Center services,” she said.

The board of directors for the Agape Center has seven new faces on the 12 member board.