City addressing flooding and clogged catch basins

In this screen grab from the City of Cornwall's GIS mapping system, green squares indicate where catch basins are in the area of Adolphus Street and Fourth Street East. The city has been addressing flooding complaints today and is encouraging people to try to clear catch basins ahead of tonight's freeze. (CornwallMaps via Newswatch Group)

CORNWALL – With the sudden thaw and freezing rain overnight, Cornwall municipal works crews have been busy throughout the day (Tuesday) unclogging catch basins.

Many walkers and drivers have come across giant puddles or sections of flooded streets.

“We’re responding to all calls that come to us. We have crews out there out there for flood control. We really want to get as many as we can or all of them because we have a frost coming and that’s going to turn into ice,” Municipal Works Division Manager Bill de Wit told Cornwall Newswatch.

The high was 4 degrees today and tonight’s low is -15.

De Wit said a road patroller is out and the crews are “addressing them when they see them.”

He says they didn’t have as many complaints as he thought the city would have. “We are having some calls as we are getting to them as we go.”

He says lower areas of the city such as McConnell Avenue around Second Street have had more problems with flooding.

De Wit is encouraging people to open their catch basins.

If you don’t know where the catch basin is, you can find it on the Cornwall GIS mapping system, CornwallMaps, here. The catch basins are marked on the map with green squares.

“They can also call in and we’ll address it or give them an idea of where it (the catch basin) is,” de Wit said.

The public works dispatch number is 613-932-5354.