Building donation for Iroquois rink is cost prohibitive: rec director

In this October 2018, file photo, South Dundas Recreation Director Ben Macpherson expresses his concern about liability to township council regarding the Iroquois outdoor rink building. In a report to council, Macpherson says a corporate donation of an office portable for this winter is a nice gesture but the conversion would be cost prohibitive. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

MORRISBURG – A North Dundas business has offered an office unit to allow skaters someplace to lace up before using Iroquois’ outdoor rink.

But South Dundas staff say, while the offer is “very generous,” spending $2,500 to make it usable for skaters would be “prohibitive.”

Ed Duncan of trucking company JED Express “offered use of a portable office” so skaters could get out of the cold.

But the flooring conversion and putting heat in it would cost up to $2,500. Plus, the units don’t have washrooms and they have metal staircases – an enemy of ice skates.

South Dundas has been looking for a solution for the outdoor rink building on Caldwell Drive after a hole opened up in the roof sometime last year.

In October, the previous municipal council was planning to patch the hole in the interim and have this current council look at building options and a longer term plan. A new roof would cost $47,000.

Instead, Recreation Director Ben Macpherson is recommending windbreak walls and outdoor benches.

Council will discuss the donation report tonight (Tuesday) at its meeting at 7 p.m. at the South Dundas Municipal Center.