Major rebuild for Williamstown’s William Street

In this diagram from a South Glengarry council agenda, a GIS map shows a section of William Street (in yellow) in Williamstown, Ont. that will be rebuilt in 2019. The work is expected to cost more than $1 million. (South Glengarry via Newswatch Group)

WILLIAMSTOWN – South Glengarry’s biggest road project in 2019 will be rebuilding part of William Street in Williamstown.

The section along the south shore of the Raisin River is less than a kilometer long (from County Road 19 to the Peanut Line) but will cost about $1.3 million because new storm sewers have to be installed.

To put it in perspective, the work will be about $1,911 for every meter of road and 56 per cent of all capital road projects in the township for 2019.

Council awarded the design work in November to EVB Engineering for nearly $25,000.

At that time, then Coun. Lyle Warden wanted to put “a little extra aside” in case of problems during construction, especially with road grading. “I have a feeling that…when you get near Tom Hughes, because it drops right off. You never want to be up there during freezing rain in a fuel truck.”

Infrastructure General Manager Ewen MacDonald is hoping the project will be tendered in March and the work completed by September.

The road construction still needs to approved in the 2019 capital budget.