Two Cornwall parks off winter rink list

CORNWALL – There will be at least eight volunteer-run outdoor skating rinks running in Cornwall this winter – once we get some colder weather.

An update to a story Cornwall Newswatch first brought you last month, the city’s parks and recreation department has set up rinks at Terry Fox Park, Reg Campbell Park and Mattice Park after local volunteers stepped up to the plate.

That’s in addition to the rinks at Dover Heights Park, Grant Park, Memorial Park, Menard Park and Optimist Park.

Two parks won’t have rinks. They are Gallinger Park and Broadview Park.

The two parks – King George Park and Alexander Park – are in limbo. They have rink boards but there isn’t an active volunteer so no ice is in place.

The city moved to a volunteer maintenance system in February this year in a bid to save $30,000 in the Cornwall budget.

The city sets up the infrastructure and does the first flooding but then it’s up to volunteers to keep the rinks shovelled and flooded throughout the season.