Cornwall new home building up 5%

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL – The City of Cornwall will be closing out the year with an uptick in new housing starts.

City building department numbers show, as of the end of November, building permits were issued for nearly $14 million in construction. That was for 36 single family homes, 60 semi-detached homes and two duplexes.

During the same 11 months last year, $11.8 million in construction had been issued permits for 24 single family homes, 52 semi-detached and 17 buildings with multiple units.

Overall for 2018, the number of permits issued is down but the value of what’s being built or repaired is up.

There were 723 permits issued for $35.2 million in work by Nov. 30 compared to 788 permits for $32.7 million last year.