Cornwall man charged after acquaintance attacked with bear spray

CORNWALL – A Cornwall man is facing nine charges after another man was attacked with bear spray and threatened with a BB gun overnight Tuesday.

The Cornwall Police Service said a man went to the victim’s home just after midnight Tuesday (Dec. 4) and pointed a BB gun at him before dousing him with bear spray.

The victim and the perpetrator knew each other, police added.

The location of the alleged assault was not released, because it’s the victim’s home.

“Being we have named the victim as residing at the place the incident occurred, and being he is known to the accused person, while there are other residences in the area, zoning in on the location may put the victim at risk,” CPS spokesman Stephanie MacRae said in an email to Cornwall Newswatch.

Taylor Bergeron, 28, is charged with two counts each of assault with a weapon and possession of a dangerous weapon, one count of pointing a firearm, one count of administering a noxious substance and three counts of breach of a probation.

He was held for a bail hearing.