Ton of tobacco; 60 days jail

Garbage bags of fine cut contraband tobacco. (RCMP via Newswatch Group, File)

CORNWALL – A Quebec man has been given a 60 day jail sentence after being caught in 2017 with over a ton of contraband tobacco.

Drake Simpson-Graton – 19 years old at the time – was arrested in September 2017 with a van loaded with 65 black garbage bags filled with 1,161 kilograms (2,561 pounds) of fine-cut tobacco.

Cornwall Regional Task Force officers had intercepted a delivery from a boat in South Glengarry as the van was trying to pull away from the scene.

Simpson-Gratton was sentenced Oct. 19 in a Cornwall court to 60 days in jail for possession of unmarked tobacco for the purpose of sale under the Tobacco Tax Act.

There was a co-accused in the case – a 22-year-old Quebec man – though the progress of his case was not immediately available.