Police search field on Sixth Street after complaint

CORNWALL – City police spent several hours Sunday searching a field, east of Sydney Street, after receiving a complaint.

The field is on the north side of Sixth Street East, between Sydney Street and Adophus Street.

“We received a complaint. We are actively investigating it right now. We’ve secured a scene and there’s no threat to the public, it’s just something we have to investigate,” Acting Sgt. Robin McIntosh told Cornwall Newswatch.

McIntosh said they are not releasing the nature of the complaint “until we get more information.” He said the complaint was received earlier in the day and it was “nothing active at the time,” such as a crime in progress.

The complaint came into the Cornwall Community Police Service around 3 p.m. Sunday.

Local residents said the field was cordoned off with police tape and a police SUV was pointing its headlights into the field toward a stand of trees.

Contrary to social media rumours, McIntosh said there was no body found in the field.