South Glengarry: Warden elected deputy mayor, fresh council faces

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

LANCASTER – South Glengarrians have chosen a new deputy mayor and councillors.

Lyle Warden, a one term councillor, had a landslide victory, taking 2,902 votes in Monday night’s election. He had more than his two opponents combined. Ellery Lafave had 784 votes while Jacquie Milner finished with 746.

Three people have been elected to council from the dozen who were running. They are all new faces. Stephanie Jaworski had 2,205 votes, Martin Lang had 2,182 and Sam McDonell finished in the top three with 2,031.

Incumbent Trevor Bougie was edged out, coming in fourth with 1,414 votes.

Frank Prevost, the previous deputy mayor, was acclaimed as mayor. He takes over for the retiring Ian McLeod.