Out of the penalty box: Byvelds back as mayor of South Dundas

(Newswatch Group/File)

MORRISBURG – After four years in the penalty box, as he calls it, Steven Byvelds will be returning as mayor of South Dundas.

Voters in the municipality handed the 58-year-old farmer a 2,373 victory over incumbent Evonne Delegarde, who received 1,858 votes.

In the three-way race for deputy mayor, newcomer Kirsten Gardner won with 1,753 votes, finishing ahead of incumbent councillor Bill Ewing with 1,454 and Jim Graham with 944.

There were a half dozen candidates running for three council seats. Small business owner Lloyd Wells earned the most votes with 2,166, followed by retired township worker Donald William Lewis with 2,053 and incumbent farmer Archie Mellan with 1,993.