Airbnb will collect Cornwall bed tax

CORNWALL – Airbnb says it will start collecting Cornwall’s four per cent bed tax from its 60 hosts across the city.

The collection and remitting of the municipal accommodation tax from vacation rentals will start Nov. 1, the company announced today (Wednesday).

Airbnb estimates each host makes around $2,100 a year, meaning the city stands to see a little than $5,000 a year come in. The money is kept separately for tourism and half of it goes to an arms-length corporation which spends it on application-based tourism projects.

Each host rents out their place for 15 nights a year and the average stay is slightly less than three days.

Over three-quarters (78 per cent) of Cornwall’s Airbnb property hosts are woman, the company added.

Cornwall’s bed tax started on June 1 and has already brought in over $82,000 from hotels and motels, which will be used four tourism initiatives.

Airbnb is a San Francisco, Calif. based internet broker for short-term lodging in private homes.