Jobs climate positive yet ‘conservative’ to end the year, Manpower says

CORNWALL – If finding a job in Cornwall is a year-end goal for you, the chances of landing that job are somewhat positive to round out 2018.

In its latest Employment Outlook Survey, Manpower says the overall net employment outlook is 9 per cent for October, November and December – the same as it was between June and August.

The “conservative” outlook for the final three months is down three basis points than the same period last year.

Of those businesses asked about their workforce prospects, 10 per cent planned to hire, none were anticipating cutback, 87 per cent were keeping staff as is and 3 per cent were unsure.

But Anne-Marie Lanthier of Manpower Eastern Ontario told Cornwall Newswatch the results are better than the national average,

“Because it’s a huge manufacturing distribution town, there’s going to be a lot of opportunities in the next quarter,” she said.

“Look on the 401, industries are blooming up because it’s an area that is getting to have good traffic. I encourage companies to do so, there’s good labour, but we need to balance the labour market at the same,” Lanthier added.

Skilled trades and bilingual candidates are in high demand. Even though Cornwall is a Franco-Ontarian area, Lanthier said “it is hard to find bilingualism (candidates) in that area.”