Train sideswipes railway equipment near Morrisburg

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

MORRISBURG – The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) says it’s investigating a “collision” between a Canadian National Railway freight train and a piece of track equipment just after midnight this morning (Oct. 2).

In an interview with Cornwall Newswatch, Patrick Waldron, senior manager of media relations with CNR, says a westbound train, east of Morrisburg, carrying shipping containers (intermodal freight) connected with the piece of equipment on an adjacent track.

“A front component of that piece of track equipment made contact with the side of the passing train. Nobody was injured. There was no derailment,” Waldron said.

Waldron noted the word “collision” was the TSB’s characterization.

He said the train was stopped for less than an hour and then proceeded on its way around 1 a.m.

He says there was no hazardous materials on board. “It’s just intermodal containers, carrying various merchandise.”

“I’d like to stress there were no injuries. There was no derailment of either the track equipment or any of the train cars or the locomotive,” Waldron emphasized.

The TSB is sending a team of investigators to the site today (Tuesday) to gather information and make an assessment.