Animal welfare activists demonstrate at city hall

Close to 20 people demonstrate outside city hall in Cornwall, Ont. on Monday, Sept. 24, 2018 ahead of a city council meeting. The demonstrators are calling on the municipal government to take action on Cornwall's cat problem. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

CORNWALL – Close to 20 demonstrators held placards outside city hall Monday night, calling on the city to do something about the feral cat problem.

Some of the signs included such sayings as “Love All Animals” and “Cornwall Show Us The Money.”

One even took a swipe at Cornwall’s priorities, suggesting it puts spending on animal welfare on the back burner in place of possibly spending up to $6 million on Cornwall’s new arts center.

The issue has been on the unfinished business listing since April as well as a petition to remove feral cats since the summer. There’s no date set for those reports to be produced.

There is no agenda items regarding Cornwall’s cat problem on Monday night’s agenda.

The SPCA will have a low-cost spay-neuter program in the city in October to provide limited numbers of sterilizations for low-income pet owners.