Flower bed repaired by mystery group

A community group known as 'The Firm' planted 17 chrysanthemums in a flower bed along Pitt Street, seen here on Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018. The bed had been destroyed by vandals last weekend. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

CORNWALL – Residents and businesses along Pitt Street woke up this morning (Sunday) to a welcome sight – flowers in a bed outside the Justice Building that was destroyed by vandals last weekend.

A group of “community minded individuals,” known only as “The Firm,” planted 17 chrysanthemums (mums) overnight in the flower bed outside 340 Pitt Street.

“This is the same group responsible for ensuring that a young boy whose birthday gifts that had been stolen from his grandparent’s vehicle still had a happy birthday and help to restore both the boy and his mother’s faith that there are still good people in the world,” group spokesman Trevor Walker said in an email to Cornwall Newswatch.

“This group was also responsible for reconstructing the hockey player scarecrows at the corner of Boundary (Road) and Marleau Avenue a few weeks ago,” he wrote.

The mystery group has a mandate of “Restoring Faith in Community.”

A simple note is taped to a lamp post next to a flower bed outside the Justice Building on Pitt Street in Cornwall, Ont. on Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018. The anonymous group of like-minded people planted 17 mums in a flower bed overnight. The bed was destroyed by vandals last weekend. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

As Cornwall Newswatch first told you last week, the flowers that used to be there, which were yellow to symbolize Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, were ripped out Sept. 8, steps from the police station, and dumped outside the front door of a business across the street.

Cornwall Parks Supervisor Scott Porter estimates the donation to the community is in excess of $200.

Porter was pleasantly surprised with the flowers and believes it will be a colourful addition to the high traffic area as the floral season draws to a close.

The flower bed will be watered Monday by parks and landscaping staff and will be added to the department’s weekly watering list, he added.