Police standoff on Carleton Street resolved peacefully

A Cornwall police officer has his rifle trained on a home on Carleton Street on Thursday, Aug 23, 2018 during a standoff with a man inside a home. The standoff was resolved peacefully. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

CORNWALL – A nearly four hour standoff in Cornwall’s east end has been resolved peacefully though few details are being released by police.

The city police Emergency Response Team (ERT) as well as members of the SD&G O.P.P. were on Carleton Street around 6 a.m. Thursday to deal with a man holed up in a home.

A section of Carleton between First Street and Walton Street was cordoned off as police officers, some of whom are trained as crisis negotiators, communicated with the man.

The situation was tense at times as tactical officers had their rifles trained on a home on the west side of the street. About a dozen residents were gathered around First and Carleton watching it unfold.

The standoff lasted until 9:30 a.m. when “police determined there was no longer any threat to the public,” police spokesman Stephanie MacRae told Cornwall Newswatch.

A police officer (background) speaks with a woman on the west side of Carleton Street at the conclusion of a nearly four hour standoff with a man inside a home. The standoff was resolved without any shots fired. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

No charges have been laid and no one has been taken into custody, MacRae added.

“Further details regarding the nature of the investigation and those involved are not being disclosed in order to protect the integrity of the investigation, as it is still ongoing.”

Danny Aikman, the chief designate for the Cornwall Community Police Service, tweeted that he was “very proud” of the response to “a potentially dangerous situation which thankfully was safely resolved.”

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