O.P.P. clamping down on CR2 bike lane parkers

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

SOUTH GLENGARRY – Provincial police are going to be clamping down on drivers who park in the bike lanes along County Road 2, east of Cornwall.

SD&G O.P.P. will be stepping up enforcement by giving out warning letters. Then, it will be a ticket or tow if the vehicle is found again in the same area.

“The goal of this enforcement is to protect those cyclists and pedestrians, who are using this pathway, from having to travel on to the roadway because the path is blocked by parked vehicles,” the O.P.P. said in a statement.

Speaking with Cornwall Newswatch, SD&G O.P.P. Const. Eric Ranger said this is not in relation to last week’s cycling death on County Road 2 near Rae Road.

Ranger said they are acting on a request from the United Counties of SD&G.

The county request came after Summerstown resident Doug Searle spoke about the parking concerns along the highway during a South Glengarry council meeting on June 18.