Ontario looking to break ties on asylum seekers

In this provided photo by Patrick Nelson, tents are put up on the grounds of Nav Center in Cornwall, Ont. on Wednesday, July 4, 2018. The Ontario government is signaling that it may end an agreement with the federal government on asylum seekers, saying Ottawa has created the 'mess' the country is facing. (Patrick Nelson via Newswatch Group)

TORONTO – The Ontario Progressive Conservative government says Ottawa is to blame for the crisis of people illegally entering this country at Canada-U.S. border and should pay the entire bill.

A spokesman for Premier Doug Ford says the federal government is responsible for the “mess” caused by encouraging people to cross into Canada illegally.

Ford is meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Queen’s Park today.

Former Premier Kathleen Wynne signed an immigration agreement with Ottawa in November but signals from the new PC government could spell the death of that deal.

Toronto is currently dealing with a crisis as Mayor John Tory asked for help last week as his city is overwhelmed with waves of refugees and asylum seekers.

The federal government recently doled out $51 million to three provinces – Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba – to compensate them for temporary housing of asylum seekers.

Meantime, tents have been going up in Cornwall as of yesterday (Wednesday) as the federal government put the city and Nav Center officials on notice that it may need to accept people again.