Compensation for Avonmore Road bridge delays

SD&G Transportation Director Ben de Haan speaks to county council on Monday, June 18. 2018. De Haan says the county will be getting $11,500 in compensation from the MTO for snowplowing delays associated with the delayed opening of the County Road 15 overpass. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

SD&G – The United Counties of SD&G will be compensated by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation for the delayed reopening of the County Road 15 (Avonmore Road) overpass.

The bridge replacement over Highway 401, which started in the spring of 2017, was supposed to be done before winter but dragged on until two weeks ago (week of June 4).

SD&G Transportation Director Ben de Haan told county council this morning (Monday) that the MTO will be cutting a cheque for $11,500 after the county submitted a claim.

That will cover the extra hours and travel for snowplows during the winter, de Haan explained.

“The ministry agrees with that claim so we’re invoicing for $11,500, so that’s a positive. The ministry recognizes there was an issue there,” he said.

As for the Wales Road (County Road 12) overpass replacement, the old bridge was taken down over the weekend. “From what I hear there was no issue,” de Haan said.

Tomlinson Group is doing the Wales Road overpass. The firm was subcontracted by the firm formerly known as Cruickshank Construction, which is now owned by Coco Group of Toronto.

The Wales Road bridge replacement is a $6.9 million project and should be done by November.