COMMENTARY: Why not make Cornwall-CUPE offer public?

The City of Cornwall and CUPE are closing in on two weeks this Thursday since most of the front-line staff walked off the job. Inside workers went the following week. But one wonders whether the membership knows what the strike is really about. On one hand, the CUPE national representative said last month they only deal in “roundabout scenarios” with members. Then, last week, Keith Sandford said members knew full well what concessions they are fighting for during the March 13 strike vote – 10 weeks before the final offer was presented. If this is the city’s so-called final offer, why is the union hesitant to come full out with what’s been offered or the city for that matter? Could it be because public sentiment will change? The city will get that chance when it can apply to release the offer and, when it does, CUPE might feel a little sick from some of those details. I’m Bill Kingston.

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