How many guns collected? Results of O.P.P. amnesty

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

ORILLIA, Ont. – Provincial police collected nearly 700 firearms during their month-long amnesty.

Results were shared today (May 10) by the O.P.P. Orillia head office.

There were 689 items recovered, including 267 rifles, 156 shotguns, 113 prohibited firearms and 62 other guns, such as replicas and vintage firearms.

Another 12,615 pieces of ammunition were scooped up during the month of April.

With other municipal police services taking part, an additional 1,503 guns were collected in areas not patrolled by the O.P.P., such as the Brockville Police Service and the Cornwall Community Police Service.

Most of the guns will be destroyed, while the remainder will be kept for “historical, educational or training purposes,” the O.P.P. said.