No assessment delays sentencing of Peeping Tom

The front entrance to the Cornwall courthouse at 29 Second Street West. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL – An apparent delay in an assessment at the Royal Ottawa Hospital has put off the sentencing of a North Glengarry Peeping Tom by nearly six weeks.

Roderick Welburn, 57, had pleaded guilty in November to criminal harassment through watching or besetting and then pleaded guilty of breach of recognizance in February.

Welburn, wearing a hoodie, had been creeping outside a woman’s house in March 2017, looking through her windows, before he was caught.

He admitted to police at the time he had been at the victim’s house but couldn’t explain his actions, saying what he did was “stupid” and that he was “curious.”

In February, the court ordered sexual behaviours assessment and confirmation Welburn was seeing a psychologist.

“I have not heard anything from the ROH (Royal Ottawa Hospital),” Crown attorney Elaine Evans said this morning (Monday).

Defence lawyer Ian Paul suggested the ROH only called his client recently to arrange the assessment – almost two months since it had been ordered by the court. “He has an initial meeting this week,” Paul said.

The case will be heard again June 1, 2018 or either another status check or sentencing if the ROH report reaches the court.