SD&G has $1.3M surplus from 2017

In this December 2017, file photo, the morning sun shines on the United Counties of Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry building on Pitt Street in Cornwall, Ont. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

SD&G – The final values have been calculated and the United Counties of SD&G ended 2017 with a nearly $1.3 million surplus.

The county collected around $41.2 million in taxes last year to cover its operations, which cost $52.1 million.

In a report to county councillors Monday, CFO Vanessa Metcalfe reports the United Counties ended 2017 in a “very strong financial position” with a surplus of $1,299,000.

The money will be put into a tax rate stabilization reserve fund to offset changes in taxation.

The county has approximately $16.8 million in various reserve accounts to offset unexpected expenses and overruns.

The biggest reserve funds are: $2.1 for bridge capital, $2 million for road capital, $1.7 million for tax rate stabilization and $1.6 million for road resurfacing cost stabilization.

Other Tax Changes

  • The county is continuing to phase out tax capping for commercial, industrial and multi-residential properties, which started in 2017. Only one property in North Stormont will be affected this year, which is receiving a property tax cap of $386. The credit cost is shared between the county and the township.
  • A multi-residential tax ratio for properties established before 2017 is being eliminated. Multi-residential taxpayers were paying nearly 1.8 times the taxes of regular homes. The province changed the rules in 2017 and made a new multi-residential class with the same tax ratio as residential (1.0). County council has passed that new rate on to properties established prior to April 2017. The change will result in a loss of $183,000 in taxes, which will be picked up by other ratepayers – mostly residential.
  • County council finalized the tax rates in order to collect $46.4 million in taxes this year. It will mean a 1.7 per cent increase or an extra $21 this year on a home assessed at $212,000. That doesn’t include any taxes to be paid to the lower-tier municipality.
  • Establishing a special tax ratio for small-scale commercial and industrial operations on farms in SD&G won’t happen this year. The province does not have the legislation ready for the county to put it in place. The idea will be looked at again in 2019.
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