More SD&G paving approved: $4.8M contract includes urban Headline Road

In this March 2018, file photo, a car drives along County Road 44, also known as Headline Road, near County Road 42. County council has agreed to Coun. Jim Bancroft's request to include the urban section of the road, east of Highway 138, while the rest of the road is repaved this summer. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

SD&G – The built-up area of Headline Road, just east of Highway 138, will be repaved this year.

On the insistence of SD&G Coun. Jim Bancroft (also the mayor of South Stormont), county council added in the nearly $214,000 in work to repave County Road 44 from Highway 138 to the end of the curbing, during its Monday meeting.

“Certainly the comments I get from time to time regarding the road itself between Highway 138 and the urban area – the large truck traffic, there’s significant truck traffic. We are going to be in the area doing the rest of the (SDG) 44. I’m going to take a stand. I feel that we’re there, unit costs are in place,” Bancroft said.

“Having been on the road tour last week, I agree 100 per cent. We’re there. Let’s take some money, that’s why we have reserves,” Coun. Jamie MacDonald added.

Transportation Director Ben de Haan agreed but “didn’t want to get in trouble for going over budget,” to chuckles from councillors.

Staff had been recommending not to do it, despite being $200,000 under budget for both paving contracts, because underlying costs could eat up that surplus.

The rest of the road from County Road 42 to County Road 19 was approved for repaving last month.

The $4.8 million budget for western SD&G roads came in about $100,000 under budget. There were three bidders with Cornwall Gravel coming it with the lowest bid. Cornwall Gravel also won last month’s contract for the eastern section of SD&G.

Here are a list of roads in the west that will be repaved this year:

  • SDG 3 from County Road 38 to Inkerman
  • SDG 3 from SDG 31 to the west limits of the village of Winchester
  • SDG 3 from the north limit of Winchester to Thompson Road
  • SDG 8 from SDG 41 to SDG 28
  • SDG 12 in Berwick
  • SDG 31 from SDG 43/SDG 38 to Winchester Springs
  • SDG 31 from the south limits of Williamsburg to Tollgate Road
  • SDG 38 from SDG 31 to SDG 3