Winter storm warning for western SD&G

In this snapshot at 11:20 a.m. Saturday, April 14, 2018, snow starts to fall across SD&G while a mixture of precipitation (pink) falls near Brockville. The western portion of SD&G is under a winter storm warning. ( via Newswatch Group)

Update 3:56 p.m.: A freezing rain warning is in effect for Cornwall, Lancaster, Maxville, Alexandria. Special weather statement for these areas has ended.

SD&G – Western locations in SD&G are under a winter storm warning Saturday morning as a “high impact” storm churns its way across Ontario.

Environment Canada issued a winter storm warning at 10:14 a.m. for Dundas County (Morrisburg and Winchester) and for South Stormont (Long Sault and Newington).

Around 15-20 centimeters (6-8 inches) of snow and ice pellets are expected by tonight (Saturday) and strong northwest winds will whip it around. This will be followed by freezing rain on Sunday.

Meteorologists are suggesting you postpone any non-essential travel until conditions improve.

Meanwhile, the City of Cornwall, North Stormont and Glengarry County (Cornwall, Lancaster, Maxville, Alexandria) are still under a special weather statement.

Up to 10 centimeters (4 inches) of snow is expected today and tonight before a mix of snow and ice pellets arrives on Sunday morning and then changes to freezing rain by Sunday afternoon.