Sunshine List: Hospital CEOs made same or less in 2017

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SD&G – The top administrators at the region’s hospitals were making the same paycheque in 2017 or less than they did in 2016.

Those salaries were disclosed Friday (March 23) in the Ontario government’s yearly public salary disclosure of those public employees making more than $100,000, known as the Sunshine List.

At the Cornwall Community Hospital, CEO Jeanette Despatie earned $236,399 last year – the same amount as in 2016. She was one of the 71 CCH employees on the Ontario Public Salary Disclosure. There were 29 registered nurses, in addition to senior managers, vice presidents and pharmacists.

In Alexandria, Glengarry Memorial Hospital CEO Linda Morrow brought home $123,337, slightly less than she made in 2016. Morrow will be retiring in June. The hospital’s CFO, the vice presidents of clinical and support services and two registered nurses were on the list.

At the Winchester District Memorial Hospital, 16 people made the list, including seven registered nurses who just cracked the $100,000 reporting requirement by a few thousand dollars. CEO Cholly Boland earned $228,709 – just over $10,000 less than he made in 2016.

Health Unit

The Eastern Ontario Health Unit had 16 employees on the government’s Sunshine List for 2017.

One of those is the region’s top earner – Medical Officer of Health Dr. Paul Roumeliotis – who earned $327,371 last year – $4,676 more than he made in 2016.

The EOHU also had five program managers, four office managers, a senior public health inspector, and five directors on the list.

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