Sunshine List has 132 Cornwall employees

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL – There are 132 employees with the City of Cornwall who are part of the 100K club.

The province released its so-called Sunshine List today (Friday) of government employees making over $100,000 in 2017.

Sixty-three of those work for the corporation while another 69 are part of the Cornwall police department.

The top paid Cornwall administrator was CAO Maureen Adams with a salary of $192,633.

There are nine city supervisors (four covering social services alone), five general managers and four division managers on the Sunshine List as well.

Thirty-one employees from the Cornwall Fire Department made the list, including 15 firefighters, eight fire captains, four platoon chiefs, two fire prevention officers, a training officer and a mechanic.

Outside of the department’s front line workers, Fire Chief Pierre Voisine took home $141,520 while Deputy Chief Bruce Donig’s salary was $131,812.

Over in paramedic services, before becoming EMS Chief, Bill Lister was manager of Cornwall employee relations with a salary of $117,310. Acting EMS Chief Wayne Markell took home $116,187. Before he left to take a paramedic job with Ottawa, EMS Chief Myles Cassidy was paid $109,936.

At the police department, 69 employees made the list. Police Chief Dan Parkinson brought home $199,021, Deputy Chief Danny Aikman was $178,126 and Inspector Shawna Spowart was $147,407.

Also on the Sunshine List were 32 constables, 14 detective constables, 10 sergeants, 5 staff sergeants, 3 detective sergeants, one IT manager and one communicator.

The Ontario government releases the public sector salaries that are $100,000 a year or higher every March as part of a commitment to transparency.