Paving headway on Headline Road

A car heads east along a section of County Road 44 near the intersection of County Road 42 on Monday, March 23, 2018. County council has agreed to add the last eastern bit of the road into its paving contract this year, meaning new asphalt all the way from County Road 42 to County Road 19. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

SD&G – Motorists frustrated with the state of Headline Road, on the northern outskirts of Cornwall, will see a majority of the road repaved this year.

County councillors awarded this year’s $6.5 million paving contract to Cornwall Gravel to do the eastern section of SD&G. There were two bids for the contract with Coco Paving coming in at $7.2 million.

The plan originally included Headline Road (County Road 44) to be paved from County Road 42, east for about four kilometers, to where the road curves and follows the South Stormont-South Glengarry boundary.

There were two provisional sections – the built up area with curbs east of Highway 138 and the section from the curve to County Road 19, which is about 1.5 kilometers.

Council agreed on Monday to include the small eastern section of the road.

“We didn’t have enough extra money to do both of them but we felt that because of the process we are using on County Road 44, a cold-in-place process, council agreed to include the north-south section. We are going to start from County Road 42 and go all the way to County Road 19…all of that will be in excellent shape,” SD&G Transportation Director Ben de Haan told Cornwall Newswatch.

A section of missing asphalt exemplifies the overall condition of County Road 44, also known as Headline Road. This section at the intersection of County Road 19 has been included in the overall contract to rebuild the road this year. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

Another contract for the western part of SD&G will come up for council approval next month.

De Haan said the urban section of County Road 44 (Headline Road) will be kept on the books and will be reviewed should there be any leftover money in this year’s roads budget.

“When we close hot mix contract two (western SD&G), we’ll see if we have enough extra money and then we can go back to Cornwall Gravel and say, we do have enough money, we’d like you to do that piece as well…if council agrees.”

Here is the list of the other roads being paved in eastern SD&G this summer:

  • SDG 7 from Gregoire St. to intersection of SDG 7/ Russell Road/PR 6
  • SDG 18 from SDG 19 to St. Raphael’s
  • SDG 23 from the north side of Hwy 401 to SDG 18
  • SDG 27 from SDG 19 to SDG 18
  • SDG 36 from the roundabout to Mille Roches Road
  • SDG 43 from Monkland to SDG 20
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