Bust nets $230K in marijuana from North Stormont home

NORTH STORMONT – A North Stormont man is facing a slew of charges after O.P.P. raided a home and seized more than 50 kilograms of drugs on Monday (March 12).

Members of the O.P.P. Community Street Crime Unit, the Emergency Response Team and SD&G O.P.P. officers moved in on the home on County Road 15.

They seized 52 kilograms (114 pounds) of marijuana, including cannabis, hash cannabis resin and cannabis shake.

A number of methamphetamine pills and a firearm was seized.

Police estimate the drugs are worth about $230,000.

Gerard Sauve, 75, of North Stormont is facing eight charges, including two counts of drug trafficking and unauthorized possession of a firearm.

He was arrested and later released with a promise to appear in a Cornwall court on April 17.

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