Two years and waiting on Cornwall waterworks for South Glengarry

In this February 2014, file photo, a truck stop and Tim Hortons are under construction on the east side of Boundary Road, south of Highway 401, in South Glengarry, Ont. Sites like this could have been serviced with water and sewer from the City of Cornwall under a joint servicing agreement, which has been two years or more in the making. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

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LANCASTER – South Glengarry is waiting on the City of Cornwall to finish studying a water and sewer servicing agreement for Boundary Road – a process that is two years and counting.

“We’re still waiting for the City of Cornwall to ratify the agreement either at council or at the staff level,” Mayor Ian McLeod said Monday, after discussing it with the township CAO prior to the meeting.

South Glengarry Infrastructure General Manager Ewen MacDonald says the city has all the technical documents and the draft agreement.

“The city is just completing their review of that and as soon as that’s done and they advise us, we’ll be able to bring it back to our council to review,” MacDonald said.

It’s two years to the day (March 7, 2016) since South Glengarry staff and councillors made a presentation to the City of Cornwall during a joint councils meeting about providing waterworks to the east side of Boundary Road from Tyotown Road to Highway 401.

Under the proposal, Cornwall would supply a daily capacity of 1,300 cubic meters (286,000 gallons). There would also be a yearly capital charge of $297 per hectare (2.47 acres) and a connection charge of $1.78 per square foot for water and $2.02 per square foot for sewer.

In a January 2016 letter, South Glengarry Mayor Ian McLeod told Cornwall Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy they were “keenly interested” and that the idea is not new, having been explored in 2009.