Letter to the Editor: Museum is under fire

I would like to bring attention to the circumstances that have left our Museum without a Red Letter Ticket that would allow it to have a qualified, University Graduate Level in the studies of History and Curator friendly background for our current Cornwall waterfront Museum.

My view is slightly different. That is, ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it’?

Our Museum had been well served by one Mr. Ian Bowering until he had decided to move on. In his wake, we were left with someone who Ian had developed into a fine passionate associate curator by the name of Mr. Donald (Don) Smith who is very familiar with Cornwall, evidenced by his written and spoken submissions and pictures of historical rememberances.

Mr. Smith by exception has stood up to the plate in every instance and then some when it comes to any and all aspects of managing the Museums duties and affairs as befits any work of graduate studies could possibly prepare on behalf of Cornwall.

Mr. Smith has shown us his principled level of workmanship, above and beyond, including considerable expense saving that would be required to maintain an 8 hour a day Librarian type of replacement for Mr. Bowering and therefore, in the eyes of the citizens of Cornwall, Mr. Smith more than fits the bill.

We tend to have a level of snobbery as all elites should be wine tasters and party affiliates. Also, what contracts are in place for Museum staff. Our wonderful volunteers ought to be credited with their support of Mr. Smith’s works as well as all undercurrents of witchery appear to come only from outsiders.

Personally, I believe in the work, preparedness and stand up to the plate this man has SHOWN and we should be in awe of the dedication and passion on our behalf that he bestows. I think the city fathers should call him into a council meeting to commend him for his work and provide him with a written commendation of appreciation and trust.

Processes are one thing but common sense when costs/finances are involved are completely another.

Thank you Don Smith and thank you Cornwall volunteers and members who also volunteer, with whom your relationship is solid. It is sometimes difficult to see a good thing when it is standing right in front, a leader, not a follower.

The price of a Certified Curator will likely be well over any budget accommodation. Allow Mr. Smith to complete his Curator courses and we will have as good a person as we desire. No need to advertise when we can hire from within.

Remember, kindness always.

Dave Windsor

Editor’s note: The SD&G Historical Society, along with its lawyer, will be presenting at city council tonight (Feb. 26).