Letter to the Editor: Sunset Boulevard parking a city-created problem

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

I just read your article about boulevard parking, specifically on Sunset Boulevard. We have talked to the city about this parking issue. I completely understand about the liability issue with cars parking on the boulevard. However, the street parking is more of an issue. As you may or may not know, you can only park on the street if you have 1.5 meters behind and in front of your vehicle. The city approved this street. There are very few spots where we can legally park on the street and if we can’t park on the boulevard, then that leaves us with single car driveways with no visitor parking. Can’t park in driveway or street (summer or winter).

Also, the city is adding sidewalks all over the city. Do you think they’ve told all of those residents about the boulevard parking bylaw? People who have parked in their driveway for 30 years and now suddenly have a sidewalk?

Heather Baker
Resident of Sunset Boulevard

Editor’s note: City council will hear a petition tonight (Feb. 12) for residents on this street to be exempt from the boulevard parking bylaw.