City will enforce illegal boulevard parking

The City of Cornwall will target vehicles parked between the sidewalk and the road, like this SUV on Sunset Boulevard on Friday, Feb. 9, 2018, in an effort to reduce liability claims. The problem is vehicles parked in this area are being damaged by snow and ice thrown by snowplows. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

CORNWALL – In an effort to cut down on liability claims, the City of Cornwall will be clamping down on drivers who illegally park between the sidewalk and the road on city streets.

Bylaw Enforcement Supervisor Chris Rogers told the budget committee Friday (Feb. 9) there will be an educational a where people will get a warning – but then tickets will be handed out.

During snowplowing, the plow flings up snow and ice chunks into the boulevard section, damaging vehicles that may be parked there.

When asked by committee members, Rogers confirmed the city has had claims against it for vehicles which are technically parked on the city’s right of way. Rogers did not get into specifics as to how much the city has had to pay out in claims.

Several councillors indicated during the meeting they had received emails about the problem.

Planning General Manager Mark Boileau said the problem is more frequent around townhouse development, such as Sunset Boulevard.