South Glengarry will bank Lancaster library rent money

The SD&G County Library Lancaster branch at 195 Military Road. South Glengarry will be banking extra rent money it receives from the county under a new lease agreement in order to address long term repairs. (Google Maps via Newswatch Group)

LANCASTER – In order to address library upkeep in the future, South Glengarry will be banking extra rent money it will be getting from the county library board.

Township council approved a five year lease with the SDG Library Board Monday night.

Right now, the township gets $1,918 a year ($2 per square foot) from the county to lease 969 square feet of space for the Lancaster library branch at 195 Military Road in Lancaster.

Under the new agreement, that will increase to $3,836 this year ($4 per square foot), $4,754 in 2019 ($6 per square foot) and $7,672 in 2020 ($8 per square foot). There would be increases indexed to inflation for 2021 and 2022.

CAO Bryan Brown told council the new agreement will see the municipality paid rent “much closer to fair market value.”

On the suggestion from Deputy Mayor Frank Prevost, the township will use the existing amount ($1,918) for operations and will bank the difference in the coming years for capital improvements in the future.

“We’re not spending on it now (the library branch),” Prevost said.

Coun. Lyle Warden said the building at Military Road and Duncan Street is heated with oil, inferring it may be a major capital expense to address down the road while making the branch more energy efficient.

South Glengarry has two library branches. The township is not directly involved in the Williamstown branch as there’s a direct agreement with the county.

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