Quick change money scam about Cornwall

(Newswatch Group/File)

CORNWALL – It seems a scammer is taking advantage of the hustle and bustle in the days before Christmas.

Cornwall police say a local merchant is out an unspecified amount of cash after falling victim to a so-called “quick change artist” today (Friday).

Here’s how it works.

The thief pays for small items with a large bill, such as a $50 bill.

Then, before the cashier can give the change for the items purchased, the suspect gets the cashier to do some quick money exchanges while his or her till is still open. The perpetrator typically tells the cashier how much money to give and, in doing so, short changes the cashier.

“Slow things down and call you supervisors if in doubt! Spread the word. The best way to help stop crime is take away the opportunity,” CCPS said in a statement.

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