Seaway cargo up 8.5%

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL, Ont. – The management corporation for the St. Lawrence Seaway has plenty to be happy about heading into the final two weeks of the shipping season.

Cargo tonnage for the year is up 8.5 per cent as of the end of November at 33.6 metric tons.

St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation CEO Terence Bowles calls the gains “impressive” and underscore the value of the waterway for trade.

Also leading to the uptick in tonnage is a 34 per cent jump in iron ore due to higher ore prices and grain shipments from Ontario and the Prairies.

The Port of Johnstown, east of Prescott, is headed for a record year for salt shipments of over half a million metric tons.

“The port is the leading destination for the road salt that is used in cities and towns all over

Eastern Ontario and even into western Quebec,” said Robert Dalley, the port’s general manager.

According to the seaway corporation, its attracted $3 million in new business this year.