Raid at Brookdale Arms

In this supplied photo, two armed Cornwall police officers with the Emergency Response Team move in on the Brookdale Arms apartment complex on Brookdale Avenue in Cornwall, Ont. Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017. One person has been arrested after a raid. (Supplied via Newswatch Group)

CORNWALL – One person has been arrested after a police raid at a Brookdale Avenue apartment complex.

Police were at the Brookdale Arms building around 2:30 p.m. where several officers in swat gear caught the public’s attention.

Officers were there as a followup to a shooting earlier this month where a man was shot in the arm, according to Staff Sgt. Kurt Fraser.

No other information has been made available as a police investigation is ongoing.

The man arrested is facing “multiple charges” — he has not been named.

The public is not at risk and the shooting was an isolated incident, police said.