Bridge near Martintown in ‘precarious’ state

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

SD&G – The head of the county’s roads department says a bridge, northeast of Martintown, will be monitored closely through the winter because of its “precarious state.”

The bridge is on County Road 25, about 1.5 kilometers east of County Road 20, northeast of Martintown.

Roads Engineer Ben de Haan told county council Monday the issue of the bridge “just landed on my desk three days ago.” He estimates the structure is over 25 years old.

While the road surface hasn’t deformed, de Haan noted that the large culvert underneath the road had started buckling and had “really deformed.”

The SDG 25 bridge, which would cost $350,000 to repair with a new double-box culvert, was a last minute add to the list of optional road and bridge projects for county council to consider.

Council did not include the bridge in their final road projects budget.