Ingleside man wins $100,000

In this Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017 photo provided by OLG, Francis "Frank" Morgan of Ingleside picks up his prize at the lottery center in Toronto. Morgan matches all six numbers on Encore on last week's Lottario draw. (OLG via Newswatch Group)

INGLESIDE – An Ingleside man has won $100,000 on Encore.

Frank Morgan got the surprise from the Nov. 4 drawing on Lottario.

“I have my own special routine for checking my lottery tickets,” he shared with lottery officials at the OLG Prize Center in Toronto. “I pick up the winning numbers, slip from the store, and then match my numbers one by one while I enjoy a cup of coffee.”

At first he thought he won $10,000 but when he validated the ticket and found out it was six figures, he started to shake. “It was unbelievable!”

What does he plan to do with the money?

“I’m a guy who doesn’t need much. Maybe I’ll get myself a bigger television and invest the rest.”

He also plans to spoil his dog, Cooper.

“I’m managing some health challenges, so this win means I can relax and take care of myself without the worry,” he said.

The winning ticket was bought at the Mac’s on County Road 2 in Ingleside.