College council ratchets up action to end strike

TORONTO – Accusing the union of stonewalling the bargaining process, the bargaining team for Ontario’s 24 community colleges, including St. Lawrence College, has called on the labour board to step in.

It’s also asked OPSEU to suspend its strike.

“OPSEU’s insistence on continuing the strike is a terrible outcome for students and faculty,” said Sonia Del Missier, chairman of the colleges’ bargaining team. “We addressed all faculty priorities and the offer that is available for faculty right now – on the table – should have ended this strike.”

The College Employer Council insists it’s met a lot of the union’s priorities, including enhanced full-time opportunities for contract workers, as well as more pay, more rights and job security for contract faculty.

The team has asked the Ontario Labour Relations Board to schedule a vote on the college’s offer.

It’s expected that a vote would take 5-10 days to organize.

According to an OPSEU memo obtained by The Toronto Star, the college council demands would only push the job action out longer.

The strike is into its fourth week.