Roundup: SD&G ends snow fencing pilot project

In this photo from the Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2017 SD&G council agenda, snow fence lines a field beside County Road 14. After two years, the county is not continuing the pilot project, instead focusing its efforts on creating a windbreak with trees and vegetation. (SD&G via Newswatch Group)

SD&G – In addition to getting the go-ahead on drafting a county Community Improvement Plan (CIP), here are some of the other developments during today’s (Tuesday) county council meeting.

  • After two years, a pilot project to install snow fencing along County Road 14 won’t continue this winter. Instead, the county will look at putting trees along the side of the road to prevent drifting on the section of road north of Osnabruck Center.
  • Maxville Manor has asked for $2.25 million toward an $11 million redevelopment project. The manor board plans to raise $1.5 million in the community and will be able to borrow just over $7.2 million. The county has referred it to budget talks. The last time the manor was redeveloped was 1994.
  • Cornwall Heart of the City coordinator Todd Lihou has asked for a donation toward the Historic Walking Tour plaque project. The matter has been referred to budget.
  • Since rebooting the Historic SDG Jail, the tourist attraction has recorded $18,493 in revenue in 2017. Between late May and late August there were 1,357 visitors, according to an economic development update report to council.
  • In a bid to get more youth involved in municipal politics, the county will look to fund a one-year internship. The successful candidate in 2018 would spend 7-8 weeks in each of the six municipal offices. The cost, which would be paid for by the county, would be around $50,000-55,000 (around 35 hours per week at $25 per hour, plus benefits).
  • How much to charge the county for leasing library locations is on the table. The library board is looking for input from council. It recently signed a lease agreement for the Williamstown branch at $8 per square foot. Council was also given a chart with financial projections based on different scenarios for lease rates.