Cornwall border runner leads to intense search around Cumberland-Ninth

CORNWALL – Residents in the area of Cumberland Street and Ninth Street were met with a heavy police presence Monday night.

It was all due to someone running the border, according to the Cornwall Regional Task Force.

RCMP Const. Jean Juneau told CNW a person had failed to stop at the port of entry and an O.P.P. cruiser seen in the area of Cumberland and Ninth was part of the law enforcement trying to stop the vehicle.

“The individual fled the scene after damaging his vehicle but we were not able to locate him,” Juneau said.

Witnesses in the area told Cornwall Newswatch the vehicle had ran into a police cruiser, however that was not confirmed by authorities.

Contraband cigarettes were found in the abandoned suspect vehicle, Juneau said.

The O.P.P. canine unit and the Cornwall Community Police Service were also involved in the massive search.

Residents in the area were shaken up by the experience with reports of police officers in camouflage gear peering into neighbourhoods and around homes with flashlights.

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