Nav Center no longer required for asylum seekers: Ottawa

(Photo/Choose Cornwall)

OTTAWA – The federal government says Cornwall’s Nav Center is no longer required to house asylum seekers, given improvements with processing individuals.

An ad-hoc intergovernmental task force met today (Friday) in Ottawa for a third time about the migrant situation, mostly along the Quebec border.

Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau says progress has been made in speeding up the processing of asylum seekers and the Nav Center won’t be needed for now.

However, the facility on Montreal Road will remain on standby.

A series of processing facility setups have allowed the feds to expedite asylum claims and work permits for individuals.

MP Emmanuel Dubourg also told the task force he went to Miami, Fla. to meet with community leaders in order to dispel myths circulating on social media, such as Canada is giving a “free pass” to Haitian asylees.

It was announced Aug. 17, 2017 by the federal government that Nav Center would host up to 800 asylum seekers.