LTE: The federal NDP leader should be…

SDSG New Democratic Federal/Provincial Riding Association Past President Brian Lynch. (Newswatch Group/File)

As a member of the NDP in SDSG since 2004, I strongly believe that Charlie Angus, the NDP MP for Timmins-James Bay, is the progressive leader to renew the federal NDP, to inspire Canadians, and to bring about change to make life better and fairer for everyday people.

Charlie Angus has been an articulate, passionate advocate for working people in precarious, part-time jobs with low pay and no benefits, the poor struggling to make ends meet, First Nations communities and indigenous children living in third world conditions, and post-secondary students burdened with student debt. We must challenge the status quo. We must truly address the issues of good paying jobs, income inequality, tax fairness, climate change, improved public healthcare, pharmacare, pensions, child care, and affordable housing.

I welcome his grass roots approach to rebuilding the federal NDP by listening to the people, standing up for those who need help, and speaking truth to power. As Charlie Angus says: “We need to reach out to all Canadians and let them know we’ve got their back.”

Charlie Angus has the experience and proven track record, the passion, the integrity, and the vision and progressive plans to make the federal NDP the real progressive alternative for Canadians at the next federal election in 2019.

Brian Lynch