MP Lauzon moves South Dundas office over space, confidentiality concerns

MP Guy Lauzon has moved his constituency office in South Dundas from the chamber office, seen here in a August 2015 file photo, to the South Dundas Municipal Center. The move was made over space and privacy concerns. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

MORRISBURG – Local MP Guy Lauzon has quietly shifted his constituency offices in South Dundas.

Computer printout signs in the doorways of the South Dundas Municipal Center last week indicate Lauzon has taken up shop on the third floor of the Ottawa Street building.

Previously, Lauzon had conduced matters with ratepayers at the South Dundas Chamber of Commerce building on Main Street.

“We sort of outgrew the chamber office because, when Sue (Dingwall) would get there, there would be a lineup of people and it would almost fill the whole office. And because of the situation there, there wasn’t a terrible amount of confidentiality,” said Lauzon, in a Newswatch interview.

“Here in our office (Cornwall). Right now I’m talking to you are there are three or four conversations going around. But there (the South Dundas chamber office) the people are sort of waiting and it’s quiet. Put it this way, this situation right now in the municipal building is much better,” the MP said.

The new setup in the South Dundas is similar to the setup in Winchester in North Dundas, Lauzon added.

Municipal officials are also happy with the new partnership.

“Mr. Lauzon approached the municipality and requested that, is there a suitable location, and the offer was to use the mayor and councils office. I think they were looking for something a little bit bigger and a little bit more privacy,” Mayor Evonne Delegarde told Newswatch.

“It’s a welcome relationship. We didn’t want to see that service removed from the municipality so we made our offer to accommodate him here every Monday afternoon,” Delegarde said.

Delegarde said it was “a good fit” and doesn’t affect the municipal daily operations.

Lauzon still has a lease with the chamber until the end of the year because the chamber relies on the rent to help its bottom like and Lauzon didn’t want to “drop them like a hot potato.”

“So far, I think, everybody is pleased with the move. It seems that the clients are reacting positively so I think this is a good, healthy move,” Lauzon said.

MPP Jim McDonell, who also calls the South Dundas chamber office home for constituency meetings, appears to be happy with the current location.

“We are very pleased with our location,” said Marilyn McMahon, McDonell’s executive assistant.

Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Geraldine Fitzsimmons was not available for comment. A receptionist at her office indicated she was away on an extended leave. A call to President Tom Morrow was not returned.