SPCA asks Cornwall for greater controls, cash to address cat population

Ontario SPCA. File photo.

CORNWALL – The Ontario SPCA is asking the city to introduce greater controls on the pet population and provide resources to help them.

The humane society is dealing with a recent spike of homeless cats and is providing food, litter and transition cages to support them.

In a letter to the editor, Tanya Firmage, chief of humane programs and community outreach, is encouraging the city to establish a Municipal Community Animal Management Strategy.

Similar management plans in other municipalities set limits on the number of pets, permitting requirements, breeds that can be owned, and under what conditions an animal can be destroyed.

The SPCA is also asking for money.

“On an urgent basis, the Ontario SPCA encourages the City of Cornwall to support its residents and lead the emergency response efforts by providing appropriate sheltering space and financial resources to resolve the current issues,” Firmage writes.

As for the pet overpopulation right now, shelter animals ready for adoption in Cornwall are being moved to other facilities across Ontario, in order to make space.

You can read the entire Letter to the Editor here.

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