Canada 150 service award winners

SDSG MP Guy Lauzon during an event at CCH April 25, 2015. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

SDSG – Local MP Guy Lauzon has unveiled the list of Canada 150 Service Award winners from across SDSG.

The commemoration medal recognizes those who have made an outstanding contribution to their community.

Among the 150 recipients are historian Sara Lauzon, police chief Dan Parkinson, lawyer Sean Adams, radio host Darryl Adams, Donnie Bowes of Morrisburg’s Upper Canada Playhouse, businessmen Nolan Quinn and Roy Perkins, city councillor David Murphy, and Gerry Benson.

You can read the full list of names here. (opens a PDF list in a separate window)

While the list has been announced and the winners notified, there will be ceremonies throughout the riding in the coming months.