LTE: Condo project ill-considered

I am appalled by the recent proposal to build a 108-unit luxury condo project in Lamoureux Park on all three sides of Marina 200.

This is very poor planning which will encroach on our parkland and deny our residents full access to our downtown waterfront parkland. We should learn from the experience of other Ontario cities that have paved over their waterfronts as a result of private developments such as condos and hotels.

The city’s prime downtown waterfront parkland between the cotton mills in the east and the Domtar property in the west should remain as parkland for the enjoyment of the people of this community and visitors to our city. Furthermore, there are many other places in Cornwall that are available to developers to build private residential and commercial buildings.

The city’s downtown waterfront parkland is a great asset and attraction for the city of Cornwall which promotes recreation, culture, heritage preservation, tourism, and improves the quality of life in our community. It has been described as the citizens’ playground for healthy lifestyles.

We should not give up to private developers our beautiful downtown waterfront parkland which has been a gathering place for the enjoyment of our residents and visitors since 1974.

City Council should listen to the people of Cornwall and say no to this ill-considered condo project in Lamoureux Park.  City Council should also develop a comprehensive plan to deal with federal land put up for sale with full public input to ensure that our waterfront land remains as parkland for the benefit of all our citizens and visitors.

Brian Lynch