Jackpot! Apple Hill woman wins a grand a week for life

In this May 17, 2017 photo provided by OLG, Diana Murray of Apple Hill, Ont. celebrates at the OLG Prize Center in Toronto. She won $1,000 a week for life on an instant lottery ticket. (OLG via Newswatch Group)

APPLE HILL – A local woman will be enjoying a little extra in her bank account for the foreseeable future.

Diana Murray won $1,000 a week for life on an Instant Cash For Life lottery ticket – a ticket she got from her husband as part of a gift.

The big win came on her birthday.

“Amazing! I scratched the ticket and thought it looked like a winner but I really was in disbelief. I kept wondering, ‘Did I scratch it right? Was I reading it incorrectly?’ My husband looked at the ticket and said, ‘Yup, it looks like a winner!’” Murray recalled.

She has some plans for the money already, including travel, paying off the family car loans and doing some home renovations.

She called the win “exciting” and “nerve wracking” at the same time.

The winning $4 scratch ticket was bought at Shoppers Drug Mart on Brookdale Avenue in Cornwall.

This is the second win this year for someone from Apple Hill. Joseph “Adrien” St. Louis won $100,000 after matching six of seven numbers on Encore.